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Mission Statement: 

We are an organization dedicated to the idea that, if you can “dream it, think it and believe it, it will become a reality”. We are all keenly aware of the Movie and Film industry here in Southern California, and the huge impact on everybody’s lives in one way or another. There are enormous effects of this industry on just about every human being on the planet. This is never more evident than when it comes to shaping the world of a child. Children are most susceptible and influenced by the Film and Movie industry. We would like to insure that these influences become a positive experience to as many children as possible in the form of a highly interactive children’s museum.

The Film industry really gained a foothold back in the early 1920’s here in Hollywood land. During that era there were not a lot of environmental concerns, until, World War II, when recycling became necessary for our Country’s survival. The Movie Industry started to realize the large impact it had on the environment. This is a kind of “rags to riches” story for the industry as it became sensitive to environmental issues. The industry has turned around and become an example for our children to follow. Today for example, film makers are investing hundreds of thousands of dollars to plant trees to offset the tons of carbon dioxide emissions caused by vehicles, generators and other machinery used in productions. Film makers have arranged for 97.5 percent of set materials to be recycled, including tons of concrete, steel and lumber. The steel is recycled and truckloads of lumber are being reused, for instance, in housing for low-income and under-privileged families.

The movie industry’s film media itself, has evolved over the years. At one time a material called Cellulose Nitrate was used; cellulose nitrate film is extremely dangerous. It catches fire very easily and once lit, is difficult to put out, burns extremely quickly with a hot, intense flame and the smoke is particularly toxic, containing large quantities of poisonous gases. In recent years, technology has made a drastic turn around, utilizing Digital forms of recording and preservation. The Film industry has undertaken a massive cleanup effort over the past few years to properly dispose of any dangerous by-products produced in the production of Motion Picture Film materials as well as well as a change in the tide to electronic Digital formats. 

These are some of the many examples of the way the Movie and Film Industry can become a positive influence on our children. Please join us in our quest for education, imagination and enlightenment presented in a fascinating venue that will make children want to learn and discover.


Children’s Museum of Motion Picture Film and the Interactive Arts



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